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Training Description

"Interlocking Does Not Cause Damage, Improper Technique Does!"

Are you ready to learn the basics of the interlocking technique, tools for interlocking, and proper hair care?

If You Answered "YES"—Register Now for the Interlocking Fundamentals Workshop!

The curriculum in this workshop breaks down interlocking into easy to follow instructions with close up visuals for practical understanding. Upon successful completion of the workshop you will be able to:

✔ Understand the Fundamentals of Interlocking Principles & Techniques
✔ Identify the Best Interlocking Tool(s) for Interlocking at Various Lengths, Stages and Sizes
✔ Efficiently Use Interlocking Techniques for Retightening Locs
✔ Understand What Type of Products Are Essential for Locs & Which Should Be Avoided on Interlocked Hair

By enrolling in this workshop you will gain access to the NuGrowth Academy Online Portal and a pre-recorded training that you can follow at your convenience. 

Workshop Curriculum

Overview of the Interlocking Fundamentals

  • Advantages of Interlocking
  • Dangers of Interlocking
  • Tools for Interlocking

Overview of the Interlocking Techniques

  • Interlocking Technique Overview [Step-by-Step]
  • Interlocking Technique / Retightening [Look & Learn]

Interlocking Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Care For Interlocks?
  • Can You Switch Between Palm-Rolling & Interlocking?
  • Is It Best To Interlock Wet Hair or Dry Hair?
  • Can You Comb Out Interlocks?
  • Is It Best To Trim The Frizz From The Shaft?
  • Is It Normal for Locs To Fallout?
Frequently Asked Questions
    • Do I need to have any tools before I enroll in this workshop?

      No, you will learn during the workshop product and tool recommendations, so it is not necessary to already have products.

    • How long will I have access to this workshop?

      You will have access to the workshop for up to 12 months from the date of registration.

    • Will I be able to ask questions during the replay?

      Yes, in the NuGrowth Academy Online Learning Portal you have access to an Instructor for questions.

    • When does this workshop begin?

      You have access to the workshop immediately! It is a completely self-guided workshop - you decide when you start and when you finish.

    • Will Sisterlocks be taught in this training program?

      No, Sisterlocks™ are a patented hair locking system and can only be taught through the Sisterlocks™ program. However, you will learn how to groom locs / microlocs using interlocking in this program.

    • Is this training for Locticians?

      No this is DIY Education primarily for self-grooming or caring for the locs of family or a friend. We are not discussing starting locs with interlocking or professional only rotational patterns. If you are a Salon Professional, you are encouraged to enroll in the “Interlocking Specialist Training” to receive all areas of education as it relates to interlocking.