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Training Description

Upcoming Training:

March 7, 2021 - April 2, 2021



✔ How to Start, Groom, and Repair Locs and Microlocs
✔ How to Appropriately Establish the Part-to-Loc Ratio for All Sizes of Locs on Various Textures Of Hair
✔ How to Section the Hair For Brick-Lay, Crescent & Diamond Parting System Foundations
✔ How To Correctly Use Palm-Rolling, Interlocking and Crocheting for Loc Grooming
✔ How to Repair Damaged Locs and Reattach Locs Using Interlacing
✔ What Products to Avoid Using on Locs and What is Best For Hair Locking
✔ Important Salon Systems and Business Knowledge to Market Services for Hair Locking

Upon successfully completing this certification training program, you will have the knowledge and authority to start, repair and cultivate locs for all textures of hair!


Please note if only paying the deposit today, the full balance is due no later than Monday, March 1st. 

Curriculum Overview

MODULE 1: Getting to Know Locs
An explorative overview of the different types, sizes, and grooming techniques of locs. We will also explore and dispel common myths and misconceptions about locs.

MODULE 2: Tools & Products for Locs
A detailed, hands-on assessment of the various tools and products for starting, maintaining, and repairing locs.

MODULE 3: The Locking Process
A thorough look at each stage of the locking process for multiple textures and curl patterns. We will also analyze the role of the Loctician at each stage.

MODULE 4: Creating the Foundation of Locs
We will review the various parting systems and locking methods for establishing locs on various head shapes, hair textures and curl patterns.

MODULE 5: Grooming & Maintenance of Locs
A comprehensive review and demonstration of loc grooming using techniques such as palm-rolling, interlocking and crocheting.

MODULE 6: Art & Science of Loc Styling
Learn the fundamentals for creating loc styles for locs of all lengths and sizes; and which styles promote or disrupt the locking process.

MODULE 7: Advanced Repair & Reattachment Techniques
Learn how to successfully reattach locs, repair thinning locs, reconstruct poor foundations for improved hair health and longevity.

MODULE 8: The Business of Hair Locking
We will review how to appropriately price your services, attract and retain clientele, and the systems for starting your business as a Certified Loctician.

Training Schedule

The Multi-Cultural Loctician Training is a 4-week training program that begins on Sunday, March 7, 2021. You will meet live with the instructor on the following dates, for approximately 4 hours each session, for theory and practical education:

  • Sunday, March 7th at 11AM EST
  • Friday, March 12th at 6PM EST
  • Sunday, March 14th at 11AM EST
  • Friday, March 19th at 6PM EST
  • Sunday, March 21st at 11AM EST
  • Friday, March 26th at 6PM EST
  • Sunday, March 28th at 11AM EST
  • Friday, April 2nd at 6PM EST
Frequently Asked Questions
    • Is this all online or where will this training be located?

      This is a fully online educational experience. You will meet with the instructor twice per week, Sunday and Friday evenings, for approximately 4-hours each session.

    • What if I cannot attend every session? Will I fail the training program?

      You are expected to show up live for the training session. We do understand that life happens, so all of the live lessons will be recorded and will be available for review at anytime during the training program. However, we highly encourage you to make an effort to attend live and participate.

    • Will I be able to ask questions during the replay?

      Limited instructor input will be available after the training, however peer support is ongoing.

    • How will an online program have "hands-on" training?

      Glad you asked! Included in your registration is a Loctician Essentials Kit" that will be shipped to you (complimentary) including a mannequin head and all the tools and products to execute the techniques you will be taught. The only thing that will not be included is a mannequin stand, but we will send you details about where to purchase the best stand for you and your space.

    • Will Sisterlocks be taught in this training program?

      No, Sisterlocks™ are a patented hair locking system and can only be taught through the Sisterlocks™ program. However, you will learn how to start and groom locs / microlocs using interlocking in this program.

    • How do I become a Certified Loctician?

      Upon successfully completing the Multi-Cultural Loctician Training, students must complete a Theory Assessment with a score of 80% or higher and submit Practical Evidence of parting systems, loc foundations, and grooming techniques.

      Once you are certified you will be listed in our public directory of Certified Locticians.

  • What is the cost to apply for certification?

    The application fee for certification is $100 [not included in the cost of the training].